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We provide top-notch, long-lasting and professional African hair braiding styles , hair extensions and hair weaving services. We take pride in the quality of our services. African hair Braiding and sew in/ weaving are what we do best and our goal is to ensure your hair style blends with your personality. Your satisfaction is absolutely guarantee at Braids4u in Houston,TX. We put at your availability hair braiding styles, braids and models or even you are in the heart of creativity. we are open to the Evolution, is the creativity we assure you once had in our department a few continuous monitoring is your hair type, your model. with Braids4u African hair braiding we will build from the hair leather. do not waste time! come and get spoiled at Braids4u African hair braiding salon in Houston.


Braids4u Reed

Address: 4125 Reed Rd, Houston TX 77051
Phone: 832-721-3441
Cell:: 832-721-3441

Braids 4U west Fuqua

Address: 4458 W Fuqua St Suite 300, Houston, TX 77045
Phone: 713-434-5727
Cell: 832-721-3441

  • It has been such a great pleasure and experience knowing you all these years, since 2015.  I have always gotten beauty and satisfaction from your work and so has every else that have come to you for braids and weaves.

    Jennifer J.
  • My daughter & I stumbled upon this treasure. Superb customer service, great hair care with style and lots of laughs! They are the best!

    Mimi M.
  • Excellent work. Just took my box braid out last week that I had in for 3 1/2 months received lots of compliments on my hair and the girls are very quick. Definitely recommended

    chairmaine fertado

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Braids4u – Reed

Friday 8AM–7PM
Saturday 8AM–7PM
Sunday By appointment
Monday 8AM–6PM
Tuesday 8AM–6PM
Wednesday 8AM–6PM
Thursday 8AM–6PM

Braids 4U west Fuqua

Friday 9AM–8PM
Saturday 9AM–8PM
Sunday By appointment
Monday 9AM–8PM
Tuesday 9AM–8PM
Wednesday 9AM–8PM
Thursday 9AM–8PM

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